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Monsoon Clothing Tips | Ft. Rue Collection

Monsoon Clothing Tips | Ft. Rue Collection


Monsoon clothing is very different from dry season clothing. This is because, during the monsoon season, you will find a ton of rain plus high humidity, and the combination of the two is not ideal. While we would all love to get in the hottest styles of now, during Monsoon season we have to pick and choose the styles we wear and which ones we avoid. 

These simple tips for finding the best monsoon clothing will help you a ton in the upcoming rainy season. 


Monsoon Clothing Tips


1. Choose Shorts over Trousers


During the monsoon season shorts are an all-around better option than trousers. Shorts are great for two reasons. Firstly, they do not drag on the ground and will not get soaked in water or covered in water when splashed. Secondly, shorts are much less heavy than trousers and will keep you cooler in the humid temperatures. 

Short skirt can also be dressed up with a thin blazer that is loose-fitting, a pair of heels, and a small clutch. But, if you feel like your shorts are a little too causal you can always swap them out for a flowy skirt

2. Pick Clothing in a Floral Print


The monsoon season can be dark and gloomy quite often, which can have an effect on your mood and attitude. One of the best ways to brighten your mood and the gloominess outside is by wearing clothing in a floral print. Floral print is a timeless print that can be worn over and over and never be overdone. 

Find floral print on dressesskirtsshirts and beyond and brighten up your day! You can also wear florals on key accessories like a silk scarf or on more minimal accessories like your phone case.

3. Opt for Sandals instead of Sneakers 


The best shoes for the monsoon season are sandals or flip-flops. They are lightweight and open so your feet are able to breathe with ease. Ensure the sandals are rubber or jelly material so that they don't absorb water and can dry quickly. 

If you are going to a nice dinner think about packing your heels and wearing your sandals to arrive. This way you won't ruin the nice shoes and can navigate the rainy with ease. 

4. Avoid Jeans and Heavy Fabrics 


During the rainy season, jeans and thick fabrics can get weighed down with water. That is why we suggest you choose light fabrics like light crepe, light silk, and silk-cotton blends. These fabrics allow some airflow and prevent you from getting too overheated. Plus they dry quickly if they get wet with water or even sweat. 

5. Choose Midi Dresses over Maxi Dresses


We love maxi dresses, however, in the rainy season these are just not practical. The flowy fabric can sometimes be too long and drag in the water. Plus since they are a longer choice they can get pretty warm and we want to avoid all chances of this! 

During the monsoon season, the best dress option is a midi dress. This type of dress still remains modest and classy, while giving your legs some room to breathe. 

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